Resources For Organizers

Now more than ever, it’s important to weed corporate control out of our food supply and seed a more just, localized and sustainable future for the food systems we all depend on. February 27 marks an important day of unity and solidarity, resisting Big Ag and creating healthy food systems for The People.
Now that you’ve signed up to participate, here are some tips to get you started:

Step 1   Do it together!

  • Set up a meeting (two is even better!) to plan your action with friends, family and activists.
  • Bring this resolution to your local Occupy General Assembly or Food Justice Committee meeting and find others who want to join you.

Step 2   Plan your action!

  • The Occupy our Food Supply theme is CREATE/RESIST.
  • There are infinite possibilities for your action—you can devise a new action for #F27 or highlight existing projects you’re already working on. Just some examples:
    Start a vegetable plot, support the growers at your local farmer’s market, share seeds, host a teach-in, throw a gardening party, reclaim an unused lot for a community garden, or organize a rally to expose nearby corporations that manufacture pesticides, GMOs and promote Big Ag over family farmers.
  • See what other groups are doing to get inspired and meet with others interested in making an event happen.
  • Delegate roles. Who will make flyers? Who will post the event online? Who will invite Occupy folks and other local groups?
  • Make a list of materials needed for event and decide amongst yourselves who will bring each item.

Step 3   Outreach

  • Create your own event and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and MeetUp.  Ask for help putting it together. On Twitter, use the #F27 hashtag. #OccupyFood and #OWS are also great hashtags to use. You can download the Occupy our Food Supply Social Media Guide for all the nitty gritty details in one place. Once you have a public URL associated with your event you can email it (along with any new event details) to and she will update your event listing so that it is included.
  • Reach out to your local Occupy committees and to other organizations and ask to collaborate.
  • Check out the resources linked to at the bottom of this page for tips on flyering, phone banking, and getting media attention for your event.
  • Is there an opportunity for coalition in your area? What communities are nearby that are also fighting for justice, environmental health and sustainability? Reach out, share your event, and ask how your groups may be able to work together.
  • Phone bank. Call the people who said they’d come to your event and remind them the day before your action. If you don’t have their phone numbers, text, email, or Facebook message people.     

Step 4   Learn more

Step 5 Stay Updated with Occupy Our Food Supply