Annual Report 2006: "Putting the Rainforest into the Business Agenda"
The Panther Summer 2006
The Panther Spring 2006
New research contained in this document exposes Weyerhaeuser’s misleading marketing of “green" building products and homes, which in fact contain wood cut from endangered forests in traditional Native territory.
Annual Report 2005: "Twenty Banner Years"
The Panther Fall 2005
The Panther Summer 2005
The Panther Spring 2005
The Panther Fall 2004
The Panther Summer 2004
The Panther Winter 2004
A report on the two largest banks, Citi and Bank of America, and its role as financiers of a new U.S. "Coal Rush" that will result in the construction of more than 150 coal-fired power plants across the country—a recipe for climate destruction.
A case study on Higaturu, one of Cargill’s three oil palm plantations in Papua New Guinea.
Prepared by: Rory McIlmoil and Anne Hereford Downstream Strategies 219 Wall Street Morgantown, WV 26505
A case study on Duta Palma Nusantara, one of Indonesia’s top ten oil palm producers, whose dirty operations are threatening the country's rich rainforests.
Overview factsheet about the problem with the Tarsands
A report on the financial commitments made by Canada’s five biggest banks—RBC, TD Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC and BMO—to fossil fuel production, namely oil, gas and coal operations.
Asia Pulp & Paper’s Hidden Emissions: Calculating the Real Carbon Footprint of APP’s Paper
Rainforest Action Network's analysis of industrial biofuels.
Wallet-sized for easy reference, this handy guide rates the top ten publishers of US kid's books as "Recommended," "Can Do Better," and "Avoid."
A case study on PT Harapan Sawit Lestari, an oil palm plantation owned and operated by the U.S. multinational corporation, Cargill.