Palm Oil Stickering Resources for Activists

Time to get started! As you are planning your stickering action, all of the resources that you will need are posted on this page. Email us at if you need anything else!

Stickering action toolkit Stickering Action Toolkit
Download your guide to everything you need to know to run an awesome stickering event. Before you plan your event, read through this toolkit for tips and ideas.

Palm Oil factsheet Palm Oil Fact Sheet
This fact sheet has the most important and hard-hitting facts from our new palm oil campaign. This is a great resource for educating yourself and explaining the issue to your friends and family.

Palm Oil Products Cheat Sheet Palm Oil Products Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet has a list of some of the types of snack food products and the ingredient names for palm oil to look out for when you are stickering.

Grocery Store Comment Cards Grocery Store Comment Cards
This comment card will help you communicate with the grocery stores about your concerns about the products they are selling that contain palm oil. You will get a number of these comment cards sent in the mail with your stickers. If you run out or don't want to wait for your comment cards to come in the mail you can download and print out the comment card here.

Are YOU Connected To Rainforest Destruction? Are YOU Connected To Rainforest Destruction?
This infographic tells the story about how we are all connected to palm oil. It shows how tropical rainforests are cleared and turned into palm oil plantations, how the palm oil makes its way onto our grocery store shelves and into our home and what we can do about it. Share this with your friends and family.