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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Keeper of the Mountains Foundation
$1,500 to support Larry Gibson’s tireless work bringing thousands of people to witness the destruction caused by mountaintop removal coal mining to help build a movement to ensure his ancestral land on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia will not become a part of the 7,000 acre MTR site that surrounds it today.
Lestari Negeri
$2,500 to investigate and monitor palm oil producers Duta Palma and Wilmar Group in order to document the impact of palm oil plantations on Cerenti Indigenous peoples and the rainforest of the Riau province of Indonesia, which in conjunction with technical assistance, planning and consulting with communities will support a public campaign and the filing of legal complaints aimed at stopping continued expansion of palm oil plantations.
Rainforest Action Network Ghana
$3,000 to support a project to build the capacity of Pokuase communities in southern Ghana to help protect the imperiled Gua Koo Forest Reserve, 50 acres of intact forest that is part of a larger forest ecosystem in the region.
Ya’axché Conservation Trust
$1,000 to support a comprehensive advocacy campaign to secure the Government of Belize’s commitment to protected area legislation, specifically focusing on the most recent illegal, environmentally and socially detrimental activity, a proposed hydroelectric facility within the most restricted and perhaps most pristine protected area in the country, Bladen Nature Reserve.
First Nations protest at G20 meeting in Toronto
Defenders of the Land
$1,250 to support the organizing of a national day of action with participation from First Nations across Canada, one of the only countries still opposed to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to shine a spotlight on the country’s continued policy to remove First Nations’ control over their land and resource base, with the demand that Canada recognize Indigenous communities’ right to self-determination.