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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Grupo de Trabajo "Racimos de Ungurahui"
$5,865 to allow Racimos staff to receive training in the production and distribution of documentaries to be used as a tool to forward their mission of providing direct support to Indigenous communities in the Peruvian rainforest through capacity building, legal support and the dissemination of information about the threats facing these communities.
The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group
$1,960 to support the Amani Butterfly Project, which will help ensure the preservation of the Eastern Arc Mountains, a forest region that is one of the most biologically diverse terrestrial habitats in the world, through the creation of a butterfly-farming group among forest-adjacent agricultural communities.
Traditional U'wa Authority
$1,200 to support the U’wa’s Sixth Congress, during which new community representatives, including the President, will be elected to three-year terms.
Fuerza Ambiental
$5,000 to support the efforts of Fuerza Ambiental and the Sierra Madre Alliance to mount a legal defense and public campaign to free local Tarahumara activist Isidro Baldenegro Lopez (who later received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize) and to resolve the land fraud that has granted control of his community's forests to the Fontes cartel, which runs the drug trade in the region.
The Coastal Range Coalition for the Conservation of the 10th Region of Chile (CCCC)
$3,000 to support CCCC’s implementation of an agreement reached with the Chilean government in 2003 to reroute a coastal range highway that had been planned to pass through the Valdivian rainforest, the oldest and most diverse temperate rainforest remaining in South America.