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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Movimento Xingu Vivo para Sempre (MXVPS)
$5,000 to provide emergency funding to support a unified grassroots response to the Brazilian government's plans to move forward with construction of the Belo Monte dam complex, which would devastate more than 1,500 square kilometers in the Amazon and result in the forced displacement of 20,000 people.
Instituto Permacultura Mozambique (IPERMO)
$5,000 to establish a plant nursery capable of producing 10,000 native trees annually to be planted as a green buffer around three clustered communities in southern Mozambique whose natural resources are being threatened by urban expansion and other encroachments. A 22,000 liter water tank will also be built to capture harvested rainwater from community buildings to provide water during dry season.
Rural Women Development Association
$1,000 help this women-led organization that has been achieving impressive results on a shoestring budget drastically enhance its capacity and efficiency through the purchase of a laptop, printer, etc. to be used to support its community training and capacity building efforts to promote tree planting and rainforest protection in rural Uganda.
2010 Mountain Justice Summer Training Camp
Mountain Justice (fiscally sponsored by Coal River Mountain Watch)
$1,000 to support the 2010 Mountain Justice Summer Training Camp, consisting of ten days of training, strategizing, bonding, service and action for veteran and novice activists and for people living both within and outside of the coalfields of Appalachia to cultivate the skills and visions needed to abolish mountaintop removal and build vibrant, healthy, self-reliant communities.
La Fundacion de Proteccion Ambiental Waira Samay Yawayry
$3,000 to support the Kichwa community of Rucullacta’s campaign to stop oil exploration on their territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon, through workshops to raise awareness, legal actions and non violent direct action.