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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

National Zapara Organization of the Ecuadorian Amazon
$5,000 to support the production of an illustrated trilingual children’s book written by and for the Zapara community that can be used at the local, national and international level to strengthen the community’s language and cultural revitalization efforts and illustrate the community’s relationship with its rainforest home to help its efforts to stop oil exploitation on traditional land.
Mapu Lahual de la Butahuilimapu Indigenous Association
$5,000 to support Mapuche Huilliche leaders who are working for the implementation of the first Network of Indigenous Owned Protected Areas (MAPU LAHUAL), which will benefit 6 different coastal Indigenous communities.
Instituto Raoni
$2,500 to support a meeting of all Indigenous peoples of the Xingu valley being organized by the Kayapo to coordinate a united response to dams, pollution, ecological destruction, and invasion of Indigenous territories by colonizers.
Machiguenga Council of the Urubamba River (COMARU)
$5,000 to conduct an investigative trip of the entire Camisea gas project area, along the Upper and Lower Urubamba river basin in Peru, visiting all affected communities to consult about project impacts and to gather testimonies and visit and document project construction sites.
Grupo de Trabajo "Racimos de Ungurahui"
$5,865 to allow Racimos staff to receive training in the production and distribution of documentaries to be used as a tool to forward their mission of providing direct support to Indigenous communities in the Peruvian rainforest through capacity building, legal support and the dissemination of information about the threats facing these communities.