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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Association of Indigenous Communities of Sarayaku (TAYJA SARUTA)
$1,500 to support the Kichwa community of Sarayaku, which has been experiencing the militarization of their traditional territory to provide "security" for multinational oil companies, including Burlington Resources from the United States and CGC from Argentina, which are carrying out seismic testing in the region even though the people of Sarayaku are staunchly opposed to oil development on their land.
Indigenous Forests Restoration Initiative
$5,000 to help five traditional Indigenous communities in Sarawak, Malaysia to establish and expand simple tree and rattan nurseries to enrich forests that have been degraded by the activities of the Shin Yang logging concession over the past several decades, thereby strengthening their legal efforts to obtain land title recognition.
Kaxinawa Rubber Tappers Association of Rio Jordão
$2,500 to support the Huni Kuin Cooperative, which works to generate income for families, obtain title to additional Kaxinawa traditional territory between the Jordão and Tarauacu rivers, create new extractive reserves, and monitor illegal logging.
National Interprovincial Achuar Federation of Ecuador (FINAE)
$5,000 to support the Bi-national Cultural Encounter of the Achuar communities of Ecuador and Peru, a historic gathering of the communities that were divided when those countries started a war and militarized parts of what had been a unified Achuar traditional territory.
$3,000 to allow GeoAustral to carry out an investigation of the illegal trade in Alerce wood in Chile and to file legal complaints on the national and international level.