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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Traditional U'wa Authority
$7,500 to provide general support for U'wa efforts to build capacity, expand leadership training and experience for women in the community, support a legal team to defend U'wa land claims, and build alliances through grassroots organizing with surrounding communities.
Olancho Environmental Movement
$5,000 to allow 12 local leaders to be trained and in turn train their communities in several areas related to the struggle against illegal logging in Olancho, Honduras.
Land is Life
$5,000 grant for an emergency request from community leader Moi Enomenga to support the mobilization via helicopter of 120 Huaorani to attend a Congress to elect new Huaorani leadership that will reverse the position of the current leadership and honor the will of the community members to stand up against new oil development on their territory, including declaring null and void an agreement that had been reached with Petrobras to drill on Huaorani territory.
Bi-National Coordinating Committee of the Achuar Nationality of Ecuador and Peru (COBNAEP)
$5,000 to support the Achuar people in Peru to hold an assembly with their official federations and representatives of 40 Achuar communities to pass an official declaration to clarify the Achuar peoples’ opposition to any oil development on their land.
Hupacasath First Nation
$2,000 to support the Hupacasath’s lawsuit challenging the Canadian government’s order allowing Weyerhaeuser to log, without consultation, on the community’s traditional territory on Vancouver Island.