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All Protect-An-Acre Grants

Frente de Conservacion Ecologica de la Comunidad Nativa Mushuk-Llakta de Chipaota
$4,000 to support ongoing work to expand the recognized territory of the Mushuk-Llatka de Chipaota Indigenous community from 22,000 to 37,000 hectares through the establishment of a biological reserve in the Andean Forest buffer zone of Cordillera Azul National Park and to secure protection of the area through a community-led monitoring program.
Rural Women Development Association
$1,000 to help this women-led organization that has been achieving impressive results on a shoestring budget drastically enhance its capacity and efficiency through the purchase of a laptop and printer to be used to support its community training and capacity building efforts to promote tree planting and rainforest protection in rural Uganda.
2011 Tar Sands Healing Walk
Keepers of the Athabasca
$4,000 to support the 2011 Tar Sands Healing Walk, attended by several hundred people from tar sands impacted communities, hosted in Fort McMurray where major tar sands expansion is causing irreversible damage to both the environment and human health.
$4,000 to support a series of capacity building workshops with local communities in Riau Province, Indonesia to protect peatland forests through the development of low carbon livilihoods that protect biodiversity and prevent high CO2 emissions, while providing just and prosperous sources of income, as an alternative to the devastation caused by the pulp and paper industry.
$5,000 to help the organization deepen their critical work supporting Achuar, Quichua and Urarinas communities in the Corrientes and Pastaza river basins in the northern Peru Amazon, a region impacted by 4 decades of oil development, through a program to monitor a collective 3 million acres of traditional territories, as well as organizational capacity building and cultural revitalization programs.