Grants in South America

Traditional U'wa Authority
$13,640 to help fund a mass mobilization by the U'wa, who have been resisting attempts by Occidental Petroleum to drill for oil on their traditional land for years.
Acción Ecológica
$5,000 to help defend Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Reserve from the proposed ITT oil project through non-violent direct actions, letter writing campaigns, political pressure, media work, and national and international pressure on oil companies.
Chief Paiakan (fiscally sponsored by Green Sphere Inc.)
$5,007 in legal support for Kayapo Chief Paulinho Paiakan to help defend him against politically motivated harassment due to his involvement in environmental and Indigenous rights activism.
National Council of Rubber Tappers
$5,008 in general support for Chico Mendes' Sustainable Rainforest Campaign and its effort to create and gain legal recognition for a 1.7 million-acre reserve on the Tapajos River in the state of Para.
Traditional U'wa Authority and the U'wa Defense Working Group
$1,081 to create a means of communication through which members of the Traditional U'wa Authority and the U'wa Defense Working Group can communicate efficiently, expeditiously and safely.