Grants in South America

Caura Futures
$3,500 to support Caura Futures conservation efforts within the 45,300 km² Caura River Basin in the Venezuelan Amazon through providing training and tools to safeguard Indigenous knowledge, improve human health, and promote good ecosystem stewardship, including addressing the issue that some youths today are more likely to fell, rather than climb, a palm tree for its fruit by creating new enthusiasm for the traditional practice of tree-climbing through introducing new gear, reviewed and approved by community members, and holding competitions (a workshop will also expand this aspect of the project to Iquitos, Peru, where wild palm fruit markets are highly developed and the problem of felling palms is widespread).
Fundación Runa
$3,000 to support the creation of a 200 acre mixed-use agroforestry project, incorporating cacao, coffee, and guayusa that will provide income for communities, while also serving as a strategic buffer zone around the Colonso Protected Area, 25,000 acres of natural forest in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Frente de Conservacion Ecologica de la Comunidad Nativa Mushuk-Llakta de Chipaota
$4,000 to support ongoing work to expand the recognized territory of the Mushuk-Llatka de Chipaota Indigenous community from 22,000 to 37,000 hectares through the establishment of a biological reserve in the Andean Forest buffer zone of Cordillera Azul National Park and to secure protection of the area through a community-led monitoring program.
Federation of the Achuar Nationality of Peru
$4,5000 to support the relocation of the Achuar community of Putuntsa to a new location at the heart of their ancestral territory in the Peruvian rainforest near where oil company Talisman Energy is planning to begin production drilling as a means of trying to keep their territory free from new oil exploitation. Also supported an inter-ethnic congress to discuss the threat posed by Talisman and form a common position to defend ancestral Indigenous territory. Talisman subsequently announced in September that it would cease all oil exploration activities in the Peruvian Amazon.
$5,000 to help the organization deepen their critical work supporting Achuar, Quichua and Urarinas communities in the Corrientes and Pastaza river basins in the northern Peru Amazon, a region impacted by 4 decades of oil development, through a program to monitor a collective 3 million acres of traditional territories, as well as organizational capacity building and cultural revitalization programs.