<h2>Protect the World's Forests</h2>
<p>Forests provide homes and habitat for countless plant and animal species as well as for Indigenous communities. They also serve as a key defense against global warming by storing massive amounts of carbon.</p>
<p>RAN’s Tropical Forests Program supports alternatives and solutions that address underlying causes of deforestation and degradation.</p>
<p>In addition to global warming, the greatest threats to rainforests and forest peoples include industrial agribusiness, resource extraction, poor governance, illegal logging and the failure to recognize and respect rights of forest peoples. Our programs work to address these threats through market based campaigns that target prominent corporations, illuminating destructive global supply chains and increasing responsibility and transparency in the marketplace.</p>

Indonesia, Climate Change and Rainforests

Forests and the climate are inextricably linked. Indonesia is ground zero for forest and climate destruction.

Rainforest Leadership Profiles: Scholastic

Scholastic has shown that it is taking its commitment on paper and forests very seriously. Digging into its supply chain, Scholastic conducts rigorous, thorough and independent fiber testing to ensure that it is eliminating controversial Indonesian fiber from its supply chain. And it advocates for the forests by driving change with printers, mills and other vendors. Scholastic continues to set a high bar for itself by setting ambitious goals and eliminating controversial fiber and suppliers (including from high risk regions like Indonesia).
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